Great flower shops always make me smile, and one favourite little gem is Queen Bee Flowers in Vancouver. This charming space is jam-packed with beauty, whimsy, and of course, special flowers. (The kind you usually need to steal from someone’s garden to enjoy.) My friend Irene was the lucky winner of a spring arrangement from Queen Bee, and I went along with her to pick up her prize. Rosemin Jutha, the delightful proprietor and “Queen Bee”, was just putting the finishing touches on Irene’s flowers. Loaded with goodies like forsythia, viburnum, daffodils, tulips, skimmia, hyacinth and hydrangea, it really was “Spring in a vase”. So lovely! I snapped a few photos with my phone so I could share today’s little bit of happy. You can find Queen Bee on Facebook too. Friends + Flowers = Happy!
Bright green cymbidium beauties.
Long lasting mini orchid in a stone pot.
Cymbids in pink.
Don’t have a green thumb? Try some blooming cacti.
Fragrant pink hyacinth.
The shop is tiny, but when the weather cooperates, there’s an eye-catching display on the sidewalk.
Potted pale pink “Powder Puff” hydrangea.
Treated myself to some green snowball viburnum and delicate little narcissi to welcome the new season.
One of my favourite Sid Dickens’ tiles, “Intro” as background for the real deal.



A few days after Hallowe’en last year, I spotted this amazing display of pumpkins. The photo only shows a portion of the scaffolding, but it’s all I could capture with my camera. Just snapped a quick pic in the pouring rain. Would love to have had time to take some better photos. But those pumpkins sure made me happy! Think of all the time it took to carve them all and display them. Must have been incredible at night…